Godox AD-S60S Softboks med godox-fatning

Godox AD-S60S Softboks med godox-fatning

395,00 kr.
Inkl. moms ... Levering 1 til 5 hverdagen

Softboks med diameter på 60cm med Godox-fatning. Passer dermed til Godox-lamper såsom ML-60, AD300, AD400PRO.


The softbox is delivered in a handy case that facilitates transport and storage. It has a standard Godox Mount bayonet holder that is easily and quickly mounted to the lamp.

The AD-S60S softbox is built on the basis of a quick unfolding mechanism. Thanks to this, you can prepare it very efficiently, attach it to the lamp and start the session, and then pack it up quickly

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