Godox LUX Senior Black Retro kamerablitz
Godox LUX Senior Black Retro kamerablitz

Godox LUX Senior Black Retro kamerablitz

LUX Senior Black
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Godox Lux Senior Retro Camera Flash


Compatible with Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony cameras, the Lux Senior flash is an extremely stylish light source, but also a very functional device. Thanks to its unparalleled tube and reflector, the lighting effects will delight not only fans of pretty gadgets, but also professional photographers. Lux Flash does not require additional batteries to operate, it is powered by a dedicated rechargeable battery (included). 

Lux Senior

Lux Senior, a camera flash with an unusual shape resembling a work of art, attracts inspiration every time you unfold it. When you shoot with Lux Senior, you hold the connection between the style of the past and the technology of the future.

Unprecedented reflector

When the reflector is folded, the device is no bigger than the average phone you carry with you. Unfolded, it will be a time machine that will take you on a journey into the history of photography while providing uncommon lighting effects.

Simple story

Lux Senior offers two ways to control the light - auto flash mode and manual flash mode. Choose A mode to forget about settings and simply focus on creating, or M mode to gain full control over exposure.


Trigger functions include an optical mode that offers S1 and S2 settings. In S1 mode, the flash will be triggered in response to another manual or TTL flash, while in S2 mode the flash will respond similarly, but ignore the first flash (pre-flash). The flash also has a SYNC jack (cable included).


In package:

1x Lux Senior flash,

1x storage bag,

1x synchro cable,

1x usb cable,

original packaging.


GN (1/1 level)GN14(ISO100, in meters)
Lithium battery3.7V 1700mAh
Input Parameter5V/2A
Flash power 7 levels: 1/1-1/64
CCT6000K ± 200K
Focal length28mm (fixed value)
Optical flashS1 optical control/S2 optical control Recycle time (Max. level)<3S
Full power flash times (1/1 level)150 times
Net weight227g

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