Spider Black Widow Kit
Spider Black Widow Kit
Spider Black Widow Kit

Spider Black Widow Kit

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Spider Black Widow Kit
The Spider Black Widow Kit is the end of your camera bungling, leaving you with a sore neck and shoulders! Finally the pleasure is brought back from shooting. No more bumbling and twisted straps and no more bending and bending problems. Both hands and upper body are free when using the Spider Black Widow Holster Kit.

Free your hands
Expand your photo enjoyment and versatility and take your camera to places you normally can't get to easily! You now have both hands free to climb that slope or to eat something without your camera getting in the way. Every time you place the camera in the holster, it clicks into the Black Widow. This feature provides maximum protection in active situations and also acts as a deterrent against theft.

Black Widow kit
This Black Widow kit consists of a holster, a belt, a protective pad and a pin. You screw the pin on the bottom of your camera and can use it to secure your camera in the holster. The included strap provides extra carrying capacity and is also equipped with a handy storage compartment with zipper for some accessories. The protective pad is easily attached to the belt and ensures that your camera has an extra pad so that it does not always bump into your leg. ,

Suitable for DSLRs up to 1.8 kilos
Always have your camera at your fingertips
No more dangling camera around your neck
The camera rotates with your body when you move
Fits over or under a jacket
Light weight, safe and durable
Warranty 2 years

Black Widow Holster
Black Widow Belt
Black Widow Pad
Black Widow Pin
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