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Godox SLB-60 - med Batteri
Godox SLB-60 (Batteri) 7
Godox SLB-60 (Batteri) 8
Godox SLB-60 - med Batteri
Godox SLB-60 - med Batteri
Godox SLB-60 (Batteri) 7
Godox SLB-60 (Batteri) 8

Godox SLB-60 - med Batteri

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Bemærk: GODOX leverer ikke længere fjernbetjeningen RC-A5 med denne lampe. Den vil snart kunne købes særskilt


Durable and long lasting aluminum housing, LED burner equipped with a large heat sink, built-in fan for efficient lamp ventilation is a guarantee of stable work. In addition, the safety module protects against overheating.

Good color reproduction: color rendering index CRI over 93, TLCI over 95, so objects are authentically presented, natural, unadulterated color for movies, portraits and studio films.

Information panel on the back of the lamp provides all relevant data, such as brightness, channel and group, lamp temperature. Convenient knob to adjust the brightness in the range of 10-100%.

The lamp is powered by a 8700mAh battery, of course the charger is included. To the lamp, as a separate product, you can buy an AC / DC converter that allows you to power the lamp straight from the network.

Built-in receiver, controlled by RC-A5 remote control (available separately), allows remote control of the lamp. It is very easy, by grouping lamps and using channels, to control several lamps by setting individual operating parameters of one, several or all (also turn off).

Set contains:

  • Lamp Godox SLB-60W Video rechargeable battery
  • standard reflector
  • original packaging
Farve temperatur
5500 Kelvin
Forsynings Type
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