Godox Xpro II Trigger - Canon

Godox Xpro II Trigger - Canon

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Godox XProIIC transmitter for Canon trigger


Godox Xpro II Trigger virker til alle Godox flashlamper og speedlights med indbygget 2.4 ghz modtager.

Man kan også købe en modtager, så man kan benytte denne trigger til andre mærker flashlamper også.

Designed for the 2.4 GHz Godox X wireless radio system, this XPro II-C TTL Wireless Flash Trigger lets you effectively and reliably trigger flashes up to 100 m away. This model is compatible with Canon's TTL system, including support for high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second, and offers advanced control capabilities for working with system-specific features.

New system

The XProII C sets up an important connection between the Godox lighting system and Canon cameras. With this transmitter, you can control Godox lights, set the output, and trigger it remotely to get satisfactory results.

Balanced exposure

The transmitter can operate in both TTL and HSS automatic modes, allowing you to use the flash at shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec. The Xpro II C helps expose the entire image evenly, so you get the best possible shots without too much effort. In addition, the real-time display of the remote flash settings on the extra-large LCD screen allows you to quickly correct parameters.

Remote flash triggering

A flash can be triggered if both the flash and the trigger are set to the same channel, group and ID. Separate channels and IDs effectively avoid signal interference. If several flashes are used in a scene, and the user is looking for the least interfering channel and ID, the appropriate channel will be quickly found by the scanning function, increasing work efficiency.

Intuitive operation

If your camera, trigger and flash are far away from each other, try using our Godox Flash app to remotely control the flash power. For added convenience, the Godox Flash app allows you to customize the flash value. The interface of the Godox Flash app is clear and easy to use. Just download this app to control all settings directly on your mobile device.


If you are shooting the same subject with other people and share the same set of flashes, try the multi-flash shooting mode. In this function, the Xpro II C transmitter sends the flash value it has set to the flash, and the flash operates according to that value.

Cooperation with light meter

Thanks to Godox's cooperation with Sekonic, it is possible for lamps and transmitters to work with Sekonic light meters. It is possible to directly adjust the flash value through the light meter, after measuring the exposure. With this feature, you can save more time shooting and looking for the right shots rather than tedious adjustments.

Time saving

After measuring the suggested TTL flash power as a reference, it is possible to quickly convert to manual flash using the TCM function. This speeds up the timing in dynamic situations and gives us room for even more creative control over the plan.

Quick trigger

When you turn on high-speed trigger mode, you can significantly increase the speed of continuous shooting, the flashes are triggered at a rapid pace, and the intervals between flashes are shorter.

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