Godox SB-GUSW80120 grid bowens Softbox
Godox SB-GUSW80120 grid bowens Softbox

Godox SB-GUSW80120 grid bowens Softbox

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Softbox Godox SB-GUSW80120 grid bowens 80x120 cm foldable rectangular


Godox SB-GUSW series is a family of softboxes stands out by their short folding and unfolding time. It is a light modifier that will be useful for people who often change their workplace and perform their sessions under time pressure or have little space for storage. Removable grid (not included), mounted with the Bowens system.


Light control

Softboxes allow you to soften the light cast by a flash or continuous light, but still provide more precise control over the light beam than photographic umbrellas. The GUSW series softboxes have a universal Bowens mount, making them compatible with most flash units on the market.



The Godox SB-GUSW series softbox not only saves time, but also makes work on set easier. This is possible thanks to the frame, which uses the umbrella concept. When needed, the softbox can be folded and stored in the cover in seconds. The cover material is stretched and held taut by a structure whose rods are made of springy steel.



The cover is made of rip-stop nylon fabric, making the softboxes highly resistant to mechanical damage, yet very lightweight. The interior is finished with a silver reflective material that evenly distributes light to the diffusers. In addition to the main diffusing layer, the softbox is equipped with an additional inner diffuser, made of white material with a high light diffusion coefficient. In the front part there is a collar for mounting the grid (included), thanks to which the control of light will be even more precise.


In package:


Godox SB-GUSW80120 softbox,

internal diffuser,

external diffuser,



original packaging.

Rektangulær Softbox
Easyfold Softbox
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