Godox VL300II - LED video light med...
Godox VL300II - LED video light med...

Godox VL300II - LED video light med fjernstyring

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Compacted Continuos Video Light VL300II


The all-new VL300II LED inherited all the extraordinary features of the VL series, including stable and powerful output, accurate color rendition, excellent cooling system, and so on.

Upgraded to the all-new 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth control and added with built-in FX effects, the VL Il series allows for more creative expressions efficiently and professionally.

Updated Control System for Group Lighting

With the updated Built-in 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth function, the VL I series will perfectly merge into the Godox control system through Godox Light APP and RC-A6 remoter. Now you can experience the ultra control of group lighting with the VL II Series.

Powerful Output

The VL II series maintains a powerful and stable output with the VL300ll delivering brightness up to 90,000 Lux at 1m with the included reflector, and the other lights also produce stunning brightness making them reliable workhorses for video production.

Built-in FX Effects

Added with FX effects including Flash, Storm, Broken Bulb, and TV, the VL 150l1/200l1/300ll allows for more creative expression realized in a breeze.

Compact and Lightweight

The VL II series maintains a very compact and lightweight design of the light body and the controller. The separated design of its controller and light body makes it portable and easier to set up, free for any lighting position, and much more convenient for intuitive control.

Cool and Silent

The ultra-silent cooling fan combined with the advanced air outlet design ensures the VL150l1/200l1/300ll in the best performance during the shooting process while being absolutely quiet for interviewing or any other shooting with strict requirements for sound.

Powering Anywhere

Either AC power supply or DC power by the V-mount battery is available for the VL I series, allowing your creative idea realized anywhere, anytime.

Accurate Color Fidelity

The VL I series also maintains a high standard for color rendering like all the other superior Godox light has always pursued. With CRI at 96+, and TLCI at 96+, they will ensure natural and faithful colors in any application.

360 degrees Rotable Bracket

The U-type bracket allows for 360° rotating of the light body when attached to a light stand or 340° when overhung from a grid, making it capable for any complex light settings on set.

Unlimited Light Shaping Possibilities

Equipped with the most popular Bowes mount, the VL 300II are compatible with

various light shapers like Godox Spotlight Attachment, Fresnel Lenses, QR series quick-release softboxes and so on, opening up unlimited creative possibilities for the creator.

In the box:

1 Light Body

1 Lamp cover

1 Power cord

1 Controller

1 Connect cord

1 Back clip

1 Reflector

1 Adapter

1 Carry Bag

Forsynings Type
High-Speed Synkronisering
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